Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Training


The times that we are in now, COVID-19 and the reemergence of an ongoing conversation around race relations and equality in the workplace, has placed our firm into in-depth and transparent conversations with leaders that are trying to navigate these rough waters while also moving the company towards annual revenue goals, many are having to pivot, along with addressing the ‘unspoken’ bias that may be alive and active unknowingly within an organization.

What we are finding is that many leaders are asking themselves a few questions:

  • What do we do now?
  • How do we begin to make sustainable change for our people and the profits of the organization?

To support these internal organizational dialogues we have put together a 3 part 90-minute self-study video training series Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Training.

In this three part training you will learn:

  • Identifying Race Relations Risks in Your Organization – A step by step virtual guide on how to identify interdepartmental conflict caused by an outdated employee relations and diversity standard within the organization
  • Uncovering Bias in the Workplace – Learn how to self-identify internal policies that can lead to Public Relations and Human Resource challenges that are misaligned with DEI standards
  • Race Relations & Revenue Impact in America. What to Do Next? –A comprehensive view of the financial impact to sectors surrounding the diversity conversation and the risks of not addressing challenges within an organization


Registration Date: Program Launching Soon

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Effort: 8-12 hours


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